Civic Leadership High School (Enfield, CT)

Rising to the ChallengeCivic Leadership High School began the 2018-2019 school year with a newly formed Instructional Leadership Team leading the staff in coming to an instructional focus of reading to complete complex tasks. They adopted a new assessment to be administered four times a year to monitor progress, and set significant improvement goals for the year targeted at their instructional focus. After the first three iterations, they exceeded their schoolwide SMARTe goal and prepared for continued success.

Congratulations to the students and staff of Civic Leadership High School who moved from 40% to 59.8% in Reading while only ¾ of the way through Year 1.

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Lindenwood Elementary School

Using mid-term interim math and reading assessment data, the students are making significant progress at all grade levels.


Downey Unified School District

At Downey Unified School District the English Language Learning Progress Indicator (Grades K-12) has shown steady improvement in the percent of English learners who made progress towards proficiency.  English Language Learning Progress Indicator (Grades K-12) shows steady improvement in percent EL who made progress toward English proficiency: 2015 (67.7%), 2016 (70.4%), 2017 (73.9%).


Lake Taylor Middle School

The improvement work of the the instructional leaders, teachers, and students have shown promising results in a short time.

44% growth rate in 3 months!


Norfolk public schools

 Getting Results: In just two years, Norfolk Public Schools increased the number of accredited schools by 22%. In 2017, 61% of all Norfolk Public Schools received the distinction of being named as FULLY ACCREDITED by the Virginia Department of Education. 


barranca elementary school

The number of students meeting their AR goals grew by 126 students in just one trimester.


Mammoth Unified School District, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Closing the Achievement Gap: Mammoth Unified School District made remarkable progress from the Spring 2015 to Spring 2016 toward their improvement goals in English Language Arts with all students and closing the gap with Hispanic or Latino students as measured by the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium.

Learning About Mammoth Unified

Grade Span: Kindergarten to 12
Number of Students: 1182
Hispanic or Latino Students: 60.5%
Socio-Eco Disadvantaged: 60.4%
Students with Disabilities: 8%

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All Students: Up 8%
Hispanic or Latino Students: Up 11%

Salem High School 10th Grade MCAS Results

Annual Comparison
Percentage of Students Advance or Proficient
2014 to 2015


Congdon Elementary School English Language Learners

Percentage of Student Growth by State Proficients Level 2015 to 2016

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Covina-Valley Unified Public Schools

Good News After Year One

Overall their district increased English Language Arts at all grade levels and district performance in English Language Arts exceeded the state and county for...

All Students
Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Students
Hispanic/Latino Students