New Leader Support

Designed to support the induction of leaders, we lead workshops that gather data to assist in the development of a targeted entry plan that will guide the principal’s work for the year.

How we do it: 

This Change of Principal Workshop focuses on acquainting the new principal with the strengths of the school. We do this by:

  • Collecting confidential, individual beliefs about the strengths, issues and challenges of the school.

  • Meeting with the entire staff to identify areas and initiatives at the school that are going well, those that need minor adjusting and those that are a challenge and need major adjustment.

  • Facilitating a conversation with the Instructional Leadership Team (teachers, staff and administration) to review and summarize the findings of the individual survey and group meetings.

  • Planning and facilitating an initial meeting with the Instructional Leadership Team and the new principal to inform him/her of the staff findings.

  • Supporting the new principal in the development of an action plan that aligns to the findings.

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