Instructional Support for Coaches

Through participation in a series of seven professional development modules, instructional coaches learn how to use practical tools and resources to support classroom teachers at each tier.

How we do it:

Using our Student-Focused Coaching Cycle, the Focused Schools team leads instructional coaches through a series of seven professional development modules that strengthen their practices at each tier of support for teachers. Between professional development sessions, our team provides targeted coaching and technical assistance to small groups of coaches focusing on the implementation of the Student-Focused Coaching Cycle. Module topics and coaching support are provided around:

  • Understanding the Student-Focused Coaching Cycle, including protocols and practices that support the cycle.

  • Building explicit or clearly defined observation guides to support individual teachers.

  • Implementing the coaching configurations and creating an organizational system that GETS RESULTS.

  • Learning the importance of building strong and trusted relationships between the coach and coachee.

  • Applying a small set of research-based strategies to minimize challenging behaviors.

  • Building a system of support for coaching groups of teachers.

  • Understanding and utilizing various coaching dispositions.

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