District Leadership Development

Schools get better when they have the support of district leadership. We help district leadership shift their efforts from “compliance” to becoming a “system of support”.

How we do it: 

Like school leaders, district leaders need access to job-embedded professional development and technical assistance. Our team of expert practitioners, all of whom have a strong track record in district transformation, provide professional development and technical assistance that help the district change the way “business is done”.  With a focus on becoming a “system of support” our professional development helps systems realign their work in support of the main thing – students.  We do this by:

  • Providing facilitation and support in helping district leaders establish a theory of action (promise to the stakeholders served).

  • Realign departments to focus on one common goal – improving teaching and learning opportunities for all students.

  • Building a district-level leadership team that uses a variety of data to make decisions.

  • Teaching a protocol for school visits that help districts create a plan of support based on their findings.

  • Unpacking and clearly defining the role that each department plays in supporting teaching and learning across the system.