About The Book

Focused Schools is the perfect choice for any school leader that is ready to get results for every student – no exceptions. Rooted in the experiences of real-life practitioners, Focused Schools offers practical, straight-forward, and easy-to-implement strategies to improve the systems, structures, and processes that will lead to improved teaching and learning across the entire school. Sprinkled throughout Focused Schools are the stories of school leaders who have implemented our Focused Framework to “change the way business is done” in support of the school’s improvement efforts. Through the pages of the book and the partnered web-based resources, the reader will see that with the implementation of seven practical frameworks, student learning goals will be achieved.

What is the Focused Framework?

Aimed at school leadership at every level, this book addresses the what, why, and how behind our Focused Framework:

· Identify and implement a schoolwide instructional focus.
· Develop teacher collaboration teams to improve teaching and learning for all students.
· Identify, learn and use effective evidence-based instructional practices to meet the needs of each student.
· Create a targeted professional development plan building expertise in selected evidence-based practices.
· Re-align resources to support the instructional focus.
· Engage families and the community in supporting the instructional focus.
· Create an internal accountability plan.

About the Authors

The Practitioners: We are teachers at heart. Always have been, always will be. Between us, we have more than sixty years of experience in education (we started teaching when we were ten - HA!). We’ve provided training and coaching to hundreds of school and district leaders across the country. In Kerry’s last two years as a principal, she was featured in a PBS documentary, The Principal Story, which tells the real story of two principals trying to make a difference in urban settings - and sometimes against all odds. We have served as adjunct professors, on university advisory committees, and have been keynote speakers at conferences big and small. “Why?”, you ask? Because we believe in students. Every student. We believe that systems and structures help improve teaching and learning. We believe it’s about working smarter. And, we believe that we can help leaders to do just that. Not by buying another program, but by using a framework to work smarter - in every school, every classroom, every day, for every student - NO EXCEPTIONS. By the way, when we aren’t traveling the country supporting leaders who are working miracles for students, Brett enjoys eating pizza, pasta, and donuts, playing basketball and golf, and spending time with his wife and daughters in Connecticut. Kerry enjoys coffee (and lots of it), exercising, serving at her church, and spending time with her two pups and family in sunny Florida!

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