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A slide with the title 'So What? Now What?' followed by key points: 'Improve and strengthen our "what" - Curriculum & Resources,' 'Deepen and define our "how" - Instruction,' 'Focus on the whole child - Social-Emotional Development & Learning,' and 'Bring our communities together around "The Work".' The slide has a light pink background with a purple vertical stripe on the right side.

Communication Matters

The leaders in Blackstone-Millville (MA) are working to enhance the communication between the community and the district. They know all too well that the work

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A person wearing a baseball t-shirt with the acronym 'ROAR for Comprehension' on the back. Each letter of ROAR stands for a different educational strategy: R - Read, understand, & solve problems, O - Observe tables, charts, graphs, & maps, A - Ask, answer, & justify questions, R - Retell in your own words.

Teachers Matter

We are the lucky ones. We get to see it every day. Across the country. Teachers – making a difference. Thank you for focusing on

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