State Superintendent Tony Thurmond Announces Model Continuation High Schools for 2019

Once again we have the privilege of sharing the wonderful achievements made possible by the amazing educators we work with - this time at Columbus High School in Downey Unified of California. Columbus HS was honored with the distinction of being named a Model Continuation High School for 2019. As taken from the February 13 California Department of Education News Release, Model Continuation High Schools “are recognized for their innovative approach to instruction and helping students who have faced many challenges—including behavior issues, chronic absenteeism, and truancy—get back on the pathway to learning.”

In the same news release State Superintendent Tony Thurmond said, “These schools have created exemplary programs and strategies that provide students with a second chance at academic success. The commitment demonstrated by the teachers and administrative staff, combined with a culture of caring that focuses on the emotional and education needs of the unique populations they serve, are what make these continuation high schools the best examples of how to help kids strive and reach their full potential.”

We couldn't be more proud of the staff at Columbus HS and Downey Unified. They had particular strengths regarding staff collaboration in an effort to provide targeted support to students who face academic challenges as well as increasing it's attendance rate. Attendance has increased from 75% to a range of 85-90% in the past three years.

You can find the full News Release here.

Bryan RobertsComment