How One Principal Is Creating Feedback That Has IMPACT On Teaching And Learning At Her School

When principal Autumn Williams decided she would like to get better at providing feedback to teachers that would lead to improved teaching and learning, she was both excited and challenged. How would she go about measuring impact? How would the feedback be structured and how would feedback be delivered both individually and collectively?

Working with one of our Focused Schools coach, Mrs. Williams proceeded to:

a.   create a leadership goal of getting better at providing feedback to teachers
b.   determine leadership actions by being into classrooms 50% of the time and providing monthly collective feedback and individual feedback
c.    determine indicators of success (teacher survey and student achievement results) 

To begin this work, Mrs. Williams shared her goal with staff and developed a teacher survey to determine how much teachers valued her feedback. She will use this assessment survey to monitor her mid-year progress and know her impact at the end of the year. Because the staff at Grovecenter had already done a lot of professional development with John Hattie’s work, Shannon capitalized on her one word, IMPACT and incorporated Hattie's effect size into her feedback. 

With the support of her Focused Schools coach, Mrs. Williams is practicing and developing feedback she believes will lead to change of practice and improved student achievement. Currently her email feedback contains three main components and includes pictures she attaches as visual evidence:

1.   Evidence-based strategy + Hattie effect size.
2.   Non-judgmental description of the teaching/learning segment observed 
3.   Explanation of how the learner benefits 

“Every student deserves the use of high impact instructional strategies” Mrs. Williams will reiterate over and over again. And, this is what she looks for very time she is in classrooms.

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