Capacity Building for District Teams

With the goal of working ourselves out of a job (yes, we want your district and schools to continue our work without us), we offer specific training and technical assistance to an internal leadership team to design, write and deliver high-quality professional development.

Often, with some structuring and capacity building, a poorly run district can turn into a hyper-focused organization working towards one goal: improved student learning.

Here’s how we do it:

Early in the partnership, we begin to identify leaders who can lead the work of:

·       Building expertise

·       Changing practice

·       Monitoring student performance

·       Communicating relentlessly.

We know that with these four strategies in place, a district can successfully keep the main thing, the main thing – to provide high-quality teaching and learning opportunities for every student, every day, no exceptions.  Our training and technical assistance helps district leadership teams (comprised of teachers, principals, and district leaders) to create and implement a targeted professional development plan, keeping in mind the following process lessons:

·       Recognize this may require a change in culture.

·       Include all members of the school community who might be impacted in the training.

·       Set clear expectations for implementation benchmarks.

·       Link the implementation to measured growth in student learning.

·       Allocate resources to support and highlight the new practices.

·       Provide clear examples of what “expertise” looks like at different stages and include frequent opportunities for low-risk practice and coaching.

·       Schedule opportunities for participants to observe each other on a regular basis and to observe practices in action.

Bryan RobertsComment