Principal Leadership Support

The latest research regarding school turnaround repeatedly points to one extremely important factor: school leadership. Time and time again it is the guidance of an effective leader that allows schools to truly transform teaching and learning. Leaders need to be driven to improve instruction for all students, but they also need to have the tools to get it done.

Through the Principal Leadership Support service, we provide executive coaching that helps leaders deepen their learning, improve their performance, set goals, and use data-all to build their capacity as transformational leaders.

Here’s how we do it:

With the goal of having our principals spend at least 50% or more of their time in classrooms and focused on teaching and learning, our targeted, job-embedded executive coaching is intended to help our principals set rigorous, yet attainable, goals to help them keep the “main thing, the main thing”. Our Results-PLUS Coaching Model is designed to help our principals reflect on “what’s working” and “what’s not working” related to moving the needle on student achievement. Our model of coaching turns ideas into action.

Bryan RobertsComment