A Strong Start to 2019

We hope that this blog finds you rested and refreshed after your well-deserved holiday break. As you turn your focus back on the work you are doing to support every student, every day, we thought these five tips might be helpful for you.

Tip Number One: Organize Your Space

Principal Mike Dudek from Blackstone-Milville, MA takes to heart the power of getting and staying organized. His whiteboard serves as an ongoing to do list of tasks to do now, later, and down the road.

principal sort.jpg

Tip Number Two: Define What Good Work Looks Like

Those you lead want to know the expectations. Make it clear for them. Leaders in Downey Unified (CA) are preparing to launch their definition and expectations for First Best Instruction.

Tip Number Three: Go Where the Work Is

Clear your calendar to spend a minimum of 50% of your time supporting teaching and learning. Principal of NPS' Chesterfield Academy, Dr. Taylor, not only builds time in his calendar to be in classrooms, but he also posts his progress.

Tip Number Four: Celebrate Your Growth

Remember those SMARTe goals that you set last fall? There's no better time than now to check in on your progress. What is there to celebrate? How will you build on those successes? This is such a great example of how one school in Covina Valley, CA celebrates growth of students!

Tip Number Five: Focus on the Focus at your Next PD

Go back to your beginning of the year staff meeting. Have a look at some of those powerful, collaborative staff protocols like the one (Six Words) used in Mammoth, CA. Do those again. Compare the results from the beginning of the year to now. Doing protocols like this will encourage your staff to keep the main thing the main thing.

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