2000 Strong

Two thousand students.
Five schools.
Two communities.
One mission - 2000 Strong.

Led by Dr. Jason Defalco, Superintendent, district leaders launched the new school year by asking two questions: “So what?” “Now what?” In a nutshell, these leaders are determined to build on what is working to redefine “success” for their students.  With no additional resources or programs, these leaders are thinking big.

Like many districts across the country, BMRSD has faced a common ailment, “initiative-itis”.  We can relate. As former district leaders, we remember all too well the solution to any and all problems was to add something to the plate.  “Surely, adding one more thing to the overloaded plate will fix the problem” is often the common mantra in districts and schools.

BMRSD is taking a different approach. They are asking those all important “so what, now what” questions.

Which leads me to yesterday . . .

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.00.40 PM.png

I was honored to be a part of the conversation that will serve as the launching point for these leaders. At the end of the day, these leaders had taken their very long lists of programs, systems, and structures and narrowed them down. Through rich and powerful conversations, these leaders determined what one or two things, if done with fidelity and integrity, would be most important to teaching and learning. Tieing back to their conversations around “success” now and five years from now, these one or two things selected would be most important for their clients – the 2000 students that they serve.

Interestingly enough, the conversations won’t stop there. Next up is the opportunity for goal setting followed by clearly defining their action steps.  I’m excited to see where this focus takes them as a leadership team and as schools.

Stay tuned . . .

To learn more about the great work happening in BMRSD, visit their website.

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