Finishing Strong: Message from our Leaders at Mary R. Stauffer Middle School

Alyda Mir, principal at Mary R. Stauffer Middle School in Downey, incorporates her school pride as she celebrates the finish of a fantastic year.

Let’s finish the year strong, Spartan Strong!  

I know we are coming down to the last weeks of school, so let’s make sure we keep our goals in sight of providing the BEST activities and lessons for our students to READ, LEAD, and SUCCEED!  Thank you for all the time and energy you have put into this school year and SBA testing! Stauffer is on FIRE! Schools to Watch, TWO-Teachers of the Year and so many accolades and trophies in various areas of our extra-curricular activities. To top it off, AVID and WEB had the BIGGEST recruitment ever this year and that is because of all of you. Your energy and the caring you bring to the campus is seen by all!  Keep it up and please be on the look-out to help students turn in their work, stay on track with their behavior, and encourage them to finish STRONG!  We are Spartans and Spartans set goals and make them happen!  Thank you for making Stauffer the BEST that Downey has to Offer!

Bryan RobertsComment