Finishing Strong: Message from our Leaders at Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School

As schools all across the country are coming to a close for summer vacation, we have been lucky enough to see some incredible leaders motivate their staff and students to finish strong. Below are four messages sent by four different principals in California. Each of these messages not only pushes for a strong finish to the instructional year, but also stresses the importance of celebrating all the great things that took place since August.

A full school year is exhausting, for everyone involved. Sometimes, a message like this is all one needs to recognize that it was a great year, and that it’s worth the effort to push oneself until the very end.

Our first message is from Geoff Zamarripa at Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School in Monrovia. He has an emphasis on making sure that lessons taught at the end of the year are still effective. Every student, every day, no exceptions.

Keep Calm and Finish Strong! The Springtime Buzz is alive on campus and yet this week there were great examples of beautiful, rigorous, and meaningful lessons going on--great job! We have a dual focus: look up at the horizon towards next week’s epic-ness and put your head down looking at your lesson plans to keep all students engaged in meaningful learning; you are fox and hedgehog. In your rooms, please ask students about their SBAC, cheer them on, place importance upon this task. Communicating daily reminders about what is important at school, what their focus should be, how they should behave, are powerful when we all commit to saying them, repeating them, referencing them. Below in Best Practices I’ve added a link to a very interesting and engaging idea called Year Mapping. Please take some time to explore the link--a great way to end the year and something that can be completed within the confines of your room!

Bryan RobertsComment