Norfolk Public Schools Makes History with a Promise

Norfolk Public Schools has a PROMISE. The fancy term for this promise is THEORY OF ACTION. In reality, this theory of action is a sincere promise to the students, staff, families, and community of Norfolk to provide exemplary and innovative teaching to ALL STUDENTS.

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All departments within the division created story boards that showcase how they currently support and plan to continue to support schools as service providers rather than compliance officers.

At the Norfolk leadership institute, 260 plus participants represented leaders from EVERY department in the division and EVERY principal and assistant principal in the district. We captured a few of their comments about the day via surveys.

“While I knew some things, there were several departments that provide much more services and/or support that I was not previously aware of…”

“It was great energy and collaboration among all.”

"Tremendous commitment within and across NPS to build collaborative, distributed leadership for focused and effective support of teaching and learning.”

Even before this monumental day, results are already showing that NPS is on the right track.  Great job, NPS!  We are proud to partner with you!

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Bryan RobertsComment