The Pause Button

Sometimes it's important to push the pause button. In fact, we often use that as a "bring back" strategy in professional development. We hear our colleagues saying, "let's pause in 5, 4, 3 . . .". That signal reminds teams that we will be coming back to a particular topic but, for that moment, it's time to pause. This week's update is a "pause" from the typical update so that we can take a moment to honor the work that you all do as educators!


There are moments in your life that we don't soon forget. Valentine's Day 2018 will likely be one of those days for the FS team. Many of us were going about our business of coaching, preparing packets, facilitating trainings, doing payroll, editing videos, planning marketing strategies, etc. And then Parkland, FL happened.

Fast forward a few days and you likely found yourself listening to political debates regarding gun control and watching the finger pointing towards "others" who shared the wrong number of school shootings that have taken place in 2018. All the debating and finger pointing in the world isn't going to bring back the 17 lives lost. In this case, you can't push the pause button and return to the moments before the chaos ensued.

Our Work

The image above reminds us of that which we believe.

The image above reminds us of that which we believe.

Every student in every classroom.

Our Focused Framework helps leaders and teachers reshape teaching and learning opportunities by getting focused on that singular instructional focus that will help every student reach their full potential. We insist that leadership teams are strategic in making sure that they use time wisely. In fact, we remind them that this instructional focus should be emphasized:

Every day. No exceptions.

The Connections

So, what does our work have to do with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida? Having an instructional focus won't end the gun control debate. Likewise, it won't stop the finger pointing. What it does, however, is change the future for every student . . . no exceptions. In fact, it's so much more than a focus. It's really a "reset button".

The Reset Button

Let's continue to do what we do best - helping leaders across the country change lives. By teaching the students in front of them, leaders are offering every student the hope of a different pathway. A brighter future. Opportunity. Options. A reset button.

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