Communication Matters

The leaders in Blackstone-Millville (MA) are working to enhance the communication between the community and the district. They know all too well that the work of supporting every student, in every classroom, every day cannot be done alone. It is only when the community comes on board in support of the improvement efforts that the district will achieve its goal of being 2000 strong

Superintendent, Dr. Jason DeFalco, is working to communicate in multiple ways to help the Blackstone-Millville community see the big picture and get engaged.  Have a look at this video that was created and shared with the community at large.  The intent of the video is to educate the community on what the recent state test data is “saying” and what that means for the schools in BMRSD.  At the end, Dr. DeFalco talks about the most important piece of data collection - the “so what, now what”. 

As a leader in your district, what are you doing to enhance your communication between school and home? Are you making the most of social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook as a way to continually communicate with families and community?  Are you looking at other ways to communicate in addition to a weekly or monthly newsletter to families?  What are you doing to allow families to communicate with you? 

Being open in our approach to communication and being willing to think outside the box in terms of how we communicate will both lend themselves to a stronger connection between school and the community.  It’s then that together you will achieve your desire to meet the needs of every student - no exception! 

What are you doing to enhance your communication plan to effectively reach all stakeholders?

Bryan RobertsComment