What We Believe

The Focused Schools approach to supporting school improvement is remarkably straightforward, focused and achievable. A common framework – the way we do things – is needed to guide the improvement efforts across all schools over time. This common framework, although implemented differently in each building, helps with student, teacher and administrator mobility. It provides a sense of urgency for improvement and also the support to make it happen.

We begin with the knowledge that better teaching is the key to better learning. Our customized support helps districts, schools and leaders create the right conditions for the success of their students. This work helps give students the strong educational foundation they need to be successful and productive citizens in their community and to be prepared for both college and career.

  • We believe that the strategic implementation of focused, evidence-based strategies is what makes for successful turnaround in high need districts.

  • We believe it is our job to work ourselves out of a job by providing high-quality, customized professional development, executive coaching, and technical assistance to leaders.

  • We believe that every student can and should receive high-quality education every day.

Who We Are

The Focused Schools team is comprised of leaders with years of school and district experience, bringing a strong track record of success turning around underperforming schools and districts.


Our Mission

Our mission is to form collaborative partnerships with schools and districts throughout North America to help them become student-focused, well-managed, cost-effective, and results-driven.


Senior Executives


Jan Leight

Joseph Palumbo


Kerry Purcell


Lead Senior Consultant

Brett Bishop

Senior Consultants

Sandy Blazer
Maureen Ciccone
Kathy Crum
Janice Hanada

Tony Hill
Janice Hobson
Peg Mongiello
Robin Samana

Lou Stewart
Linda Moore
Keith Young

FINAnCE and operations

Marcia Oldham
Dillon Rogers

Senior Program Manager

JoAnne Kostiuk

Schools and Districts Where You Can Find Us

Alliance College-Ready Schools
Covina-Valley Unified School District
Downey Unified School District
Mammoth Unified School District
Monrovia Unified School District
Civic Leadership High School
New Haven Public Schools

Hudson Public Schools
New Bedford Public Schools
Worcester Public Schools
Palmer Public Schools
Norfolk Public Schools


Glendale Unified School District
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Orange Unified School District
Edmonton Public Schools
East Windsor Public Schools
Vision Network
District of Columbia
US Federal Government Office of Education
Research Study in conjunction with Mathematica
Brown County Public Schools
Mathematica / Institute for Education Sciences
Springfield Public Schools
Sangamon ROE
Webster Parish
Holyoke Public Schools
Ludlow Public Schools
MASS 2020
Pittsfield Public Schools
Springfield Public Schools
Somerville Public Schools
Worcester Public Schools

Albany, OR
Bullitt County, KY
Cabell County, WV
Independence School District, MO
Kenosha, WI
New Haven, CT
St Louis, MO
Seattle, WA
Sheboygan, WI
Sioux Falls, SD
Spokane, WA
Yakima, WA
Northside Charter School
St. Louis Public Schools
The Biome Charter
Tulsa Public Schools
Oklahoma City Public Schools
Canby Public Schools
Albany Public Schools
Pittsburgh Public Schools
Spokane Public Schools
Washington, DC
Mathematica Policy and Research