Working with District & School Leaders
to Transform Teaching & Learning

Every student. Every classroom. Every day. No exceptions.

What We Do

And How We Do It

Focused Schools is a national leader in education that provides targeted consultation, customized professional development, executive coaching, and technical assistance to districts and schools seeking to improve the achievement results and growth of every student, no exceptions. Our experienced team, made up of expert practitioners with a proven track record in building capacity and raising student achievement, works side-by-side with each district and its schools to create a systematic approach around a framework for improvement. 

Focused Schools guarantees that within the first year of our partnership, clients will see change in practice at the district, school and classroom levels. These changes will translate into concrete actions that lead to rapid and sustainable results in student achievement.

  • The Theory of Action has provided us an opportunity to transform this system for the benefit of our students and the community at large.
    — Division Leader, Norfolk Public Schools
  • Thank you so much for assisting us through conversations that stretch us to improve our instructional practices.
    — ILT Leader, Norfolk Public Schools
  • This is one of the best professional developments I have had. Great facilitator. Helpful information. Group is working well together. I like that our Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent are participants.
    — Principal
  • What I love about Focus is that it recognizes how difficult deep, long lasting change is, and builds process for accomplishing this.
    — Lois Klein, Mammoth USD Superintendent
  • While I knew some things, there were several departments that provided much more services and/or support that I was not previously aware of . . .
  • It was great energy and collaboration among all.
  • Tremendous commitment within and across NPS to build collaborative, distributed leadership for focused and effective support of teaching and learning


Our customized services help us to provide targeted support aligned to the needs of the districts and schools that we serve. Because of our approach as “partners in the process”, we guarantee results within the first year. Explore ways that you can partner with us to get the results you desire for every student - no exceptions!

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Schools get better when they have the support of district leadership. Through professional development and coaching, we help the district move from a place of “compliance” to a “system of support”.  

Through participation in a series of seven professional development modules, instructional coaches learn how to use practical tools and resources to support classroom teachers at each tier. 

Our executive coaching helps school leaders deepen their learning, set goals, use data, and focus their leadership more on instruction and less on management to transform teaching and learning.

Schools get better when they have the support of district leadership. Through professional development and executive coaching, we help district leadership shift their efforts from “compliance” to becoming a “system of support”.  

Designed to support the induction of leaders, we lead workshops that gather data to assist in the development of a targeted entry plan that will guide the new principal’s work for the year.

With the goal of working ourselves out of a job, we offer professional development and support for an internal leadership team to design, write and deliver high-quality professional development.